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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

                  中 文
                  assembly equipment
                  Screen Automatic Assembly Machine
                  The product features

                  Place LCM and phone frame on fixture ---move in --- CCD locating frame position --- auto LCM FPC pass through frame --- alignment and lamination LCM and frame --- move out.

                  The product uses

                  Suitable for the assembly of display screens of mobile phones, tablets, smart watches with shell machines, etc.

                  Technical parameters

                  1) Hot accuracy: ± 0.03mm

                  2) Working pressure: 0.5 --- 0.7 Mpa

                  3) Main power specifications: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 5A

                  4) Dimensions: 750mm (L) × 850mm (W) × 1600mm (H)

                  5) body weight :( approximately) 200kg

                  The product is being updated continuously, the above technical parameters are for reference only.

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