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                  Test Equipment
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                  Aging test equipment
                  The product features

                  1) The online aging replaces the traditional aging method of aging room, saves handling labor, makes production line products flow smoothly and improves production efficiency.

                  2) Modular design of fixture, universal, compatible with 6.5-inch and below mobile phones.

                  3) Jig automatic backflow, can be used in this equipment infinite circulation.

                  4) The motion controller can be cascaded through the network.

                  5) Can be precisely set the aging time, the charging time, aging test curve.

                  6) Aging charging is safe and reliable by controlling AC220V with DC24V.

                  The product uses

                  Conduct aging test for all functions of mobile phones and electronic products.

                  Technical parameters

                  1) Size range: 6.5-inch and less

                  2)  Productivity: about 330 / Pcs (Depends on the aging time and equipment capacity)

                  3) Power configuration: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

                  4) Dimensions: 3200* 2400 * 2200 (mm)

                  Technical parameters are for reference only. For more technical parameters of the equipment, please consult online customer service or telephone contact: 18148581280


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