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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

                  中 文
                  Machine Vision
                  MMI Test machine
                  The product features

                  1) to replace the current manual testing, improve product performance, yield and stability;

                  2) can be achieved through the USB port and test mobile communications, there is a substantial improvement over traditional contact test efficiency;

                  3) Use precision industrial CCD camera screen detected achieve higher yields than manual testing and detection accuracy;

                  4) the use of high sensitivity artificial mouth, artificial ear, audio capture card for audio function tests, higher precision than manual testing and accuracy;

                  5) test functions can be checked according to the actual needs of test items, you can also customize the timing of the test;

                  6) fixture modular design, replacement is simple and convenient type change;

                  The product uses

                  Finished functional testing, test the contents of this device for mobile phones include: LCD screen test, touch screen test, camera test, key test, audio test, FM test, WiFi test, Bluetooth testing, vibration testing, functional testing.

                  Technical parameters

                  1) Size range: 7-inch and less

                  2) visual inspection effective area (mm): L (160) * W (100)

                  3) Productivity: about 35S / Pcs (depending on the number of test items)

                  4) Power configuration: AC220V ± 10% 50 / 60Hz 5A

                  5) Dimensions: 1200 * 1000 * 1700 (mm)

                  6) a single device test efficiency: 120PPH

                  7) The false detection rate: 0.5%

                  8) Omission Rate: 0.0%

                  9) single failure rate: 0.3%

                  10) Failure frequency: 1 times / Taiwan / 30 days

                  11) Repeat the test accuracy: error: ≤ ± 0.5%

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