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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

                  中 文
                  Laminating Machine
                  LOCA laminating machine
                  The product features

                  1) PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable.

                  2) color touch-screen LCD display, Chinese menu, all parameters set, simple and intuitive browsing.

                  3) dispensing mechanism using XYZ axis linkage with draw points, lines, arcs, circles, irregular curves and other functions, precise control of the dispensing position.

                  4) Dispensing graphics can be drawn on the handheld controller, and can also import AUTO CAD graphics, precise simplify operation.

                  5) high-speed precision dispensing pneumatic control system to improve the efficiency and accuracy of dispensing.

                  6) double work platform design, while at the dispensing station on another alignment, taking discharge, improve productivity benefits.

                  7) Dispensing platform automatic 180-degree turn, servo motor control decreased bonding, laminating and high accuracy.

                  8) by the CCD image processing system clearly capture of site specific requirements can choose manual and automatic alignment of the position according to the customer.

                  9) bonded with a pre-heating system platform, the product of bonding pre-heating, improve leveling diffusion rate and stability.

                  10) with the UV spot light pre-curing system, prevent product deviation, improve product yield.

                  The product uses

                  The equipment is mainly used (TP) touch screen production process, after the process capacitive touch screen laminating raw or touchscreen LCD modules with full bonding process. Applicable processing product specifications size: maximum 12-inch screen

                  Technical parameters

                  1) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 3000W

                  2) Working environment 10 ~ 60 , 40% ~ 95%

                  3) Working pressure 0.5 --- 0.7Mpa

                  4) Accuracy ± 0.02mm thickness fit

                  5) spit gum Accuracy ± 1%

                  6) recommend gluing degree 1500cps ~ 3500cps

                  7) Applicable products Max: 12 inches

                  8) the number of products once placed 3 to 4 small size, large size one

                  9) Machine Dimensions (approximately) 1850mm (L) × 1060mm (W) × 2000mm (H)

                  10) body weight (approximately) 700kg

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