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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

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                  ACF Attachment Machine
                  ACF Attachment Machine
                  The product features

                  1) constant temperature heating, double insulated equipment, high-precision temperature control system, precise temperature control.

                  2) PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable.

                  3) touch screen display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

                  4) Stepper motor transmission ACF precise control of the feed length, unique waste collection device, saving time refueling.

                  The product uses

                  Suitable for pre-paste various widths of the ACF in TP, LCD, FPC or PCB, used in TP, LCM, or high-density FPC and PCB in connection bonding.

                  Technical parameters

                  1) Power source: AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz 200W

                  2) Work environment: 10 ~ 60 40% ~ 85%

                  3) Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa

                  4) Crimp pressure: 2.0 ~ 20 Kgf

                  5) The pressing time: 1 ~ 99 S

                  6) attached Accuracy: ± 0.1mm

                  7) Capacity: 10s / pcs

                  8) ACF pre-paste length 120mm

                  9) Dimensions: 700mm (L) × 710mm (W) × 1400mm (H)

                  10) Weight: 180Kg

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