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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

                  中 文


                  +86 755 29081830
                  +86 755 29988819
                  +86 18148581280
                  Building 42, Cuigang 5th Industrial Zone, Huaide, Shenzhen
                  ServiceHome > Servers > Service
                  Service project:
                  1, Home delivery (free shuttle provided for the sale of equipment or logistics company designated delivery service)
                  2, Installation and commissioning (equipment arrived I Division is responsible for customer-specified location to provide professional installation and commissioning services)
                  3, Technical Support (pre-sale technical guidance and after-sales professional training)
                  4, Remote Assistance (provided engineers telephone, e-mail, video and other remote assistance service)
                  5, Fault repair (quickly solve the problem by phone or on-site treatment engineer fault)
                  6. Regional Effectiveness (Foreign customers we are committed to respond within two hours to provide solutions and arrange on-site engineers to solve within 24 hours)
                  7,Year warranty (whole year free warranty service, in addition to human damage and force majeure, the device's own quality problems, I am committed to maintenance services and materials free of charge.
                  8,And lifetime maintenance (for through insurance facilities provide lifetime technical support services)

                  24H sale technical service phone:
                  Contact: Mr Ma
                  Tel: 0755-29081830-8116
                  Mobile: 18148588191