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                  Tel:+86 755 29081830  

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                  C-Touch 2015 Shenzhen Techson

                  2014 13th International C-Touch Exhibition on November 25 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center opened. Touch screens, mobile phones, equipment, materials, services, and other related enterprises to participate in the touch screen industry. In the touch screen industry a grand gathering that brings together the current touch-screen industry's most advanced cutting-edge technology that is changing every aspect of our lives.

                  Techson Automation in the "technology of the world, technology leadership," the idea again to participate in this large gathering. The main display of the touch screen industry production equipment, LCM industry production equipment, production equipment three mobile phone system solutions. At the same time the guests introduced to the field of Division I automatic laminating machine and bonding equipment, as well as our automatic locking screw machines and automatic soldering machines and other automated equipment.
                  Techson Automation has been a customer perspective to optimize and innovate our products to customer requirements and our utmost to help our customers achieve maximized efficiency, rationalization and cost control to maximize customer satisfaction, achieve a win-win business. Customers will always be the cornerstone of our forward momentum and development. We are willing to each customer and vigorously carry out technical cooperation and discussion. Work together to create a new chapter in the future of the enterprise.
                  Here on this exhibition success congratulations. Let's get together again 2015!


                  +86 755 29081830
                  +86 755 29988819
                  +86 18148581280
                  Building 42, Cuigang 5th Industrial Zone, Huaide, Shenzhen