Good news for the claustrophobic who have to fly often, the Center for Process Innovation which is a British technology research company have come up with a way to transform your flying experience forever - by removing the windows.
By doing so they want to replace the windows with OLED touch-screens that will extended along the entire length of the plane and display the views from outside using exterior mounted cameras. The panoramic views will not do much for those who are afraid of flying or afraid heights however the company insists that by removing the planes windows planes will be stronger and lighter than ever before.
We hope that if the interactive display does make it's way into planes anytime soon it doesn't give advertisers a chance to constantly bombard us with adverts whilst we fly.

windowless airplane panoramic view 2

windowless airplane panoramic view 3

windowless airplane panoramic view 4

windowless airplane panoramic view 5

One sure way to make an already cool product more desirable or luxurious is to add a bit of gold. We've seen it done with various other pieces of technology before such as smart phones and even games consoles, but this time it's the controllers turn to get a makeover.
These 24-karat gold Xbox One and Playstation 4 controllers created by ColorWare do everything that a normal controller does, except they are far from ordinary. Both the controllers will be priced at $299 which isn't unreasonable considering what they are made of.

24k gold playstation controller 2

24k gold playstation controller 3

24k gold playstation controller 4
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Most of us use Google on a daily basis for all of our search queries, but there is way more to the tech giant than just a search engine. From its huge $20 billion a year from advertising to its guest to cure ageing and even death, here are 18 amazing facts you probably didn't know about Google.

It might sound like a completely 'out there' idea, but development of a wearable drone camera has begun and it looks as awesome as it sounds. The drone which can be worn around the wrist will be capable of taking off whilst you are wearing it, flying away, taking an epic selfie and then flying back again.
The Nixie is currently a finalist in Intel's competition that is encouraging the development of new wearable technology which is where the future seems to be heading. The Nixie is still in development so it's still a little rough around the edges, but we can see that the potential is huge.
We can already see a huge divide in opinion over this device, but for those addicted to selfies and people that love taking pictures we can see this being a real hit. Lets hope it becomes available to buy soon.

nixie flying watch 1

nixie flying watch 2

nixie flying watch
Star trail photography is a technique that involves using a long exposure setting on a DSLR camera to capture the movement of stars in the nights sky. For best results photos such as these need to be taken when there is little or no cloud and away from highly populated areas to avoid light pollution.
When done correctly it's a technique that can create some truly spectacular photos. Here are 27 amazing examples of star trail photography that will leave you in awe of space.