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8 Things Back To The Future Predicted We Should Have By Now

1. Power Laces


This saves me like 2 hours of effort every day.

 2. Automatic Dog Walkers


Perfect for the pet-owner who really wants a dog but also hates them.

3. Jaws 19 and 3D Movie Posters


“In the year 2016 robo-Jaws has returned to Amity with a taste for cyborg flesh.”

4. Phone Glasses


Sort of got this one right. Except the jackass with the Google Glass doesn’t look nearly this cool.

5. These Outfits


Real talk: does that chick have a bandolier around her neck? Slow down there, lady. You look like the offspring of Che Guevara and a Thundercat.

6. Pepsi Perfect


Comes in diet version: Pepsi Meh.

7. Mr. Fusion


Turn your trash into energy so at least when your girlfriend throws out all your stuff you can save some money on energy costs.

8. Flying Cars


“Where we’re going we don’t need roads…” That’s good to hear because our crippling infrastructure has nearly dissolved.