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Greatest Anime Characters of All Time

Son Goku

Goku was somewhat of an innovative creation back in his day. When the plucky, pint-sized kid Goku first appeared in Dragon Ball, the trend for male heroes was to have larger than life muscle heads (which Goku ironically turned into in his adulthood).His heroism, strength, and dedication make him the perfect core for a kid's show where the themes are meant to be pretty simple. He may not be the most complex character in anime history, but he's perfect for the goal he was meant to accomplish. 

Kakashi Hatake

It's tough to outshine a lead character in his own series, but Kakashi pulled it off and often outranked Naruto in popularity polls. He's a complex character, with an iconic character design and a laid back attitude that just exudes cool.Kakashi had many surprising traits that helped him steal the show (including his habit of reading erotic love novels).Kakashi has always proven to have many tales to tell despite his quiet demeanor


Prince of the Saiyans, but forced to play second fiddle to Goku ever since his Google Glass told him that Goku's power level was OVER NINE THOUSAND.Goku's path as the leading hero and shining light of goodness was pretty straightforward, but Vegeta progressed along a different road with many twists and turns. He started out as the iconic, typical bad guy. But over the course of his history he switched sides and became first a hesitant ally, then a frenemy, and loving father.

Light Yagami

Diabolical, calculating, and determined to remake the world in his own image.The story heavily relied upon Light's cleverness, and the layers upon layers that comprised his plans. Light started out as a good kid, doing well in school and heading to a bright career in police work like his father. But when he gets possession of the death note, he begins a remarkable transformation into a disturbing mastermind

Lelouch Vi Britannia

The first of the maniacal and murderous masterminds on this list (but not the only one), Lelouch was one of the best examples of a hero gone astray. As often happens in dramatic stories, his good intentions paved a road to a dark place.His rise and downfall is almost Shakespearean in nature, as his own pride and arrogance cloud his judgment and he misses out on what was truly important. In the end, Lelouch's plans are successful, though not in the way anyone ever expected.

Astro Boy

One of the oldest anime characters in existence, Astro Boy first appeared on television screens in 1963, helping to usher in the phenomenon now known worldwide as anime. Astro Boy was a mix of the classic Pinocchio tale with the science and zeitgeist of the post-war Atomic Age (in Japan, Astro's name is Tetsuwan Atom).