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I Bet You Didn't Know That These Celebrities Have Served In The Military

  Elvis Presley (1958–1960)

Elvis impressed everyone when he enlisted two years after “Hound Dog” shot him to stardom. It was while serving in Germany that the singer met his wife, Priscilla.

  Jimi Hendrix (1961–1962)

Not exactly a model soldier, though he did manage to complete paratrooper training. His constant guitar-playing angered his fellow soldiers. He was eventually honorably discharged for “unsuitability.”

  Leonard Nimoy (1953–1955)

Before he ever donned his Starfleet uniform, a young Nimoy rose up the ranks to Sergeant at Ft. McPherson in Georgia.

  Johnny Cash (1950–1954)

Thanks to his musical abilities, Cash was incredibly skilled at Morse code. He even learned how to decipher secret Russian Morse code messages!

  Clint Eastwood (1951–1953)

During the Korean war, the “feelin’ lucky” actor was a swimming instructor at Ft. Ord.

  Paul Newman (1943–1945)

During WWII, the famous actor worked as a radioman for the Navy.

  Rob Riggle (1990–2013)

The comedian served as Lt. Colonel in the Marine Corps for over twenty years!

  Bob Ross (1961–1981)

Most famous for his popular television program The Joy of Painting, where he taught the nation how to paint “Happy Trees.” This mellow artist spent 20 years of his life as a drill sergeant, screaming at new Air Force recruits in Alaska. Most of his paintings were inspired by his time in the Air Force.

  Jimmy Stewart (1941–1968)

Stewart was the first major American actor to join the war effort. The highly decorated pilot even acted as squad leader in many bombing runs over Nazi Germany.