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Most Badass Technologies You'll want to own

  1. Bike Lane Safety light | Manufactured by Xfire , these cool bike lane safety lights would let you create your own bike lanes at night .Xfire-safety-light
  2. Stick and find stickers | Manufactured by Stick&find , these little stickers would help you locate anything , that you would stick them upon .Stick-N-Find
  3. Foot powered cycle | Designed by Fliz , This cool foot powered bicycle is something we might need in the future .foot-powered-cycle
  4. Galileo Robotic motion control for iPhone | Designed by motrr , This is an must have gadget for your iPhone .Next-Gen-iPhone-Dock-Offers-Robotic-Motion
  5. Cool Led slippers | For those who are scared of monsters at night , you definitely need one of these led slippers .led-slippers
  6. Cool milk cartoon that changes color before expiry .Milk-carton-that-changes-color-as-the-milk-expires
  7. Lytro light field camera | Designed by Lytro , this cool camera would let you shoot photographs and refocus them later .Point.-Shoot
  8. Cool laser security system | Designed by Spynet , these cool laser security system would alert you from intruders everytime .Laser-trip-wire
  9. Laser guided scissors | Designed by ThinkGeek , these laser guided scissors are a handy tool to precisely cut into everything .laser-guided-scissors
  10. BendDesk | Designed RWTH Aachen University , The benddesk is a geeks dream come true .BendDesk-is-a-Workstation-and-Multitouch-Computer-in-One
  11. Cool piano doorbell | Make your visitors enjoy your doorbell and most probably they have another thing to bug you .piano-door-bell
  12. Auto inflating tyres | These cool cycles from adaptrac are designed to auto inflate the tyres accordign to the terrain .Auto-Inflating-Tires-You'll-Never-Need-a-Bike-Pump-Again
  13. CTX virtual keyboard | This cool little gadget projects a virtual keyboard on any surface , which is fully functional .aser-virtual-keyboard
  14. Cool one wheeler bike | Designed by Ryno motors , the cool one wheeler bike does looks badass !motorcycle-unicycle
  15. Electricity free phone speakers | Not sure if they are fooling us or its a real invention , but i bet these are very eco friendly .Electricity-Free-iPhone-Speakers
  16. Samsung flexible display | These flexible displays of samsung are soon going to be on every samsung device .flexible-display
  17. Floating speakers | preparing for a pool party ? get these cool floating speakers and amze your guests .floating-speakers
  18. Gloves that translate sign language to speech | These Cool gloves were designed by a bunch of students , hats off to their amazing invention .Gloves-That-Translates-Sign-Language-To-Speech
  19. Anti theft lunch bags  | We are sure nobody is going to touch your lunch in these bags , your food is safe from everyone else !anti-lunch-bags
  20. Active contact lenses | these cool contact lens might be a boon to people with eyesight problems .active-contact-lenses
  21. Chameleon Band aid
  22. WiFi antenna booster | WiFi-Antenna-Booster
  23. Cool rotating power bar | This is the best thing to get ,  if you have a lot of gadgets to charge .Rotating-power-bar
  24. RGB color spray RGB-Colour-Spray
  25. Neverwet super hydrophobic water resisting spray | Developed by Rustoleum , he never wet is an amazing spray that can waterproof everything .neverwet+screenshot