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Myths You Thought Were Fact That Aren't

From early childhood, we’ve been brought up to believe some facts that simply are not
true, some of them may seem like facts, while others are just plain crazy.

 The Great Wall of China is the ONLY manmade thing you can see from Space

Not only is the Great Wall of China is the only manmade object you can see from space,
it’s actually rather difficult to see it. You see, while it may be over 5500 miles long,
it’s actually only around 20 feet wide, so it’s basically like trying to find an
incredibly long earthworm. NASA has said that astronauts can indeed see cities, highways,
bridges, dams and even city lights at night.

 Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis

Although it probably drives people around you crazy, there are no proven studies to
show any correlation between cracking your knuckles and arthritis. In fact, studies have
shown otherwise, one man in particular carried out a test for 60 years. Every day, he would
crack his left hand twice, and leave the other hand alone. His conclusion, was that there
was no sign of arthritis on either hand.

 The fruit Orange is named after the colour 

Really not much to say about this one. Before
this word was introduced to the English speaking world, the colour orange was either thrown
in as a shade of red, or the word “saffron” was used to describe it.

  It takes 7 years to digest gum

 If this legend were true, then every single
person in the world who has accidentally swallowed some gum in the last 7 years would have it
show up in their colonoscopies, which it certainly does not. Gum cannot be digested, some of
the sugars or sweeteners can be broken down but the majority of it will just pass through
your system and begin a new journey in your toilet bowl.

 You Have Five Senses 

You were most likely taught this in school,
you have 5 senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Scientists on the other hand
believe that you have more like 20 senses, including temperature, thirst, hunger, pain
and more.

 Bats are blind

Many people believe that bats are blind because they hunt in the dark and use echolocation
to detect their prey. However, bats can actually see very well. In fact some larger Bats have
a vision three times better than humans and there are actually zero species of bats that
cannot see at all.

 Houseflies only live for 24 hours

Assuming the fly doesn’t annoy us so much we end up swatting it, houseflies can expect
to keep buzzing about for around 15-30 days before they meet the end of their short lives.
It actually takes around 2-3 days for female houseflies to become reproductive, so if this
myth was true we would never have to roll up a newspaper and dance around the living
room as they wouldn’t even exist.

 Sunflower heads track the Sun

Okay, this one’s actually partly true. Sunflower heads DO follow the sun when they’re young.
But once they’ve aged a bit they stop doing this and just face East, meaning if you look
at Sunflowers in the afternoon they will actually be looking away from the Sun.

 Fingernails and hair continue to grow after death.

Not true. The only reason this may appear to be the case if because the skin starts
to recede on the corpse of the person, making an illusion that appears as if they were still

 Sushi is any dish made with raw fish 

 A large variety of Sushi in the East is served
with raw fish, which gave rise to the notion that any dish served with raw fish is Sushi.
In the Western world however, sushi is more often than not served with cooked sea food.

 Airplanes empty their toilet tanks while flying in mid-air.

If this were true you’d constantly be hearing stories of people being killed by frozen crap
falling from the skies. Airlines are not permitted to dump toilet waste. The waste is kept in
tanks until landing and then the ground crew pumps out the tanks and hauls the waste to
a treatment facility.

 Bulls hate the colour Red

Bulls can’t possibly hate the colour red, because they can’t even SEE it. It’s a
proven fact that bulls only see in blues and yellows. The only reason they react to the
red cape is because of the movements that flutter around, but as far as they’re concerned
you could have a rainbow coloured cape and they’d still charge right at you.

 You can’t fold a piece of paper more than seven times.

Here we have another silly sounding myth. Why wouldn’t one be able to fold a piece
of paper more than seven times, provided they could make the sheet of paper large enough?
One experiment, carried out by Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters”, showed that you can actually
fold a piece of paper up to eleven times, though the piece of paper used was the size
of a football field. Still – proves that you can fold a piece of paper more than 7

 The Goldfish has a 3 second memory.

This is a fact probably thought up so we don’t feel so bad keeping our goldfish in tiny fishbowls.
It doesn’t matter that they’re held up in a tiny enclosure, every 3 seconds a new
world is there for them to explore. But scientists have found goldfish to be able to remember
things for up to 5 months. They were able to train the fish to remember certain sounds,
to which they still reacted months later.

 Water conducts Electricity

While it’s true that Water can conduct Electricity, it’s the minerals in water that help it
do so, not the water itself. If you use water without any minerals, otherwise known as “Distilled”
water, you’ll find electricity is unable to pass through it at all. Of course, this
information isn’t very useful if you just tipped a toaster in the bath tub.