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Parents Who Left Their Kids Behind At Texting

They’re Learning The Art Of Comedy.

They Can’t Be Bossed Around.

They Throw Bad Literature At Their Enemies.

They Know Their Worth.

They Are Skilled In Camouflage And Disguise.

They’re Educating Themselves With The Jargon Of Their Citizens.

They Send Their Minions On Difficult Missions On Their Behalf.

They Can Weave Philosophy And Late 2000’S Culture Seamlessly.

They Are Totally On Google.

They Know How To Say “Beans” In Multiple Languages.

They Make You Question Reality.

They Even Make You Doubt Your Sanity.

They Make Their Presence Known In The Most Badass Of Ways.

They Call It Like It Is.

They Have Mastered The Art Of The Meme Response.

They Practice War Strategies Whenever They Can.