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Plain and Easy Ideas That Are Distinctly Intelligent

Portable Egg Cooker

electric boiled egg cooker

Remote Control Key Locator

remote control key locator

Mug Warming CD Player

cd player mug warmer

Portable Chair and Bag

portable chair and bag

Baby Crib Rocking Chair

baby crib rocking chair

Beer and Shot Glass

beer and shot glass

Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

sauce dispensing chopsticks

Poolside Rock Climbing Wall

rock climbing pool wall

Chopping Board and Colander

chopping board and colander

Metal Detector Flip Flops

metal detector flip flops

Phone Holder

phone holder

Fork for Oreo Dunking

fork oreo

Utensil Pot Clip

utensil pot clip

Melon Slicer

melon slicer

Salt & Pepper Switch

salt and pepper switch

Truck Taco Holder

taco truck

3 Tier Oven Rack

3 tier oven rack

Cakesicle Cookie Pan

cakesicle pop mold

Cupcake Corer

cupcake corer

Iron Toaster

iron toaster

Corn Stripper

corn stripper

Space Saving Kitchen Outlet

kitchen hidden outlet

Magnetic Hangers


Digital Spoon Scale

digital spoon scale

Vacuuming Dustbin

vacuuming dustbin