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Strangely Mysterious Disney Parks Secrets That You Probably Didn't Know

Pirate Prank

There are usually 3 Jack Sparrows on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but you may see 4 from time to time. Believe it or not, Johnny Depp actually hangs out in full costume in the ride for fun on occasion!

Cinderella Statue

Disney prides itself on looking at the world like a child, and one of the best ways that it illustrates this point is in the statue of Cinderella outside of her castle. From the view of an adult, the statue depicts Cinderella working as a peasant, but from below, children look up to see she is smiling, and that a crown is behind her head.

Scent From Above

Ever notice how wonderful Main Street smells? The street is actually equipped with vents that pump an artificial vanilla scent into the air. Around Christmas, they use peppermint.

Communal Underwear 

You probably already assumed that spending your day in those heavy, hot mascot suits wasn't very fun, but until 2001, it was way worse than you imagined. Before that year, Disney required all the character actors to wear communal underwear.

Toy Story Trick

For years since the movie's release, the workers in the "Toy Story" character mascot suits would drop to the ground immediately if a guest yelled "Andy's coming!" The practice has stopped since the phrase became publicized online, and now the workers simply respond "Andy's at college" when they hear the phrase.

Doritos Birthplace

Doritos were actually invented in Disneyland. The Frito company ran a Mexican style restaurant in Disneyland on New Orleans Street called Casa de Fritos. Legend has it that the restaurant was delivered a batch of stale tortillas one day, but instead of throwing them out, the marketing executive had the idea to fry them up and serve them as chips. Doritos means “little golden things” in Spanish.

Mr. President?

Spaceship Earth is Epcot's most well-recognized attraction, and the ride takes guests on a journey through Earth's past, present, and future. Some of the robotic characters featured on the ride are actually repurposed presidents from the Hall of Presidents attraction. Andrew Jackson as a printer, John Adams is a monk, Teddy Roosevelt is a senator in Rome, and William Taft is an Egyptian priest.

Disney Jail

Although it's the happiest place on earth, even Disneyland has its seedy underbelly. Disneyland has its own jail, used as a holding area for disruptive guests.

Real Skull

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disneyland is filled with spooky skeletons, and not all of them are props! The skull on the headboard of one skeletons bed is real.

No Gum

Gum isn't sold anywhere on the premises of a Disney park. You can still bring gum from home, but the parks won't sell it to you, in an effort to keep the ground clean. The idea to ban gum selling actually came from Walt Disney himself.

No High Fives For Adults

Costumed characters in Disney parks are discouraged from giving high fives to adult guests. While they will still interact with adults, they are told to focus primarily on the children.

High Court 

There is a basketball court in Disneyland's Matterhorn Mountain. The small half-court is in an attic-like room at the top of the mountain used as a resting and preparation area for costumed climbers who will scale the mountain for guests. One of the climbers once brought in and installed a basketball hoop for the climbers to amuse themselves in the room.

The Grey Stuff

The "Beauty and the Beast" song "Be Our Guest" featured countless dishes and platters offering Belle whatever food she desired. When Lumiere implores her to "try the grey stuff," she remarks that it's delicious. Well, at the Be Our Guest restaurant, "the grey stuff" is actually a menu item!

The Suite Life

There is a hotel room located within Cinderella's castle reserved only for contest winners. There's a similar hotel room in Disneyland above the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Soiled Streets

Liberty Square is a section of Magic Kingdom meant to recreate colonial America. The brown pavement in Liberty Square is actually supposed to signify the sewage problems common in colonial streets.

Mythical Animals

Originally, Animal Kingdom was going to include a land devoted to mythical creatures, but they decided against it at the last minute. However, there is still a dragon on the Animal Kingdom sign.


Disney World purchases the second highest amount of explosives in the United States. The only organization that purchases more is the US Military.

Bieber's Ban

You won't be seeing Justin Bieber at Disneyland. The pop star was banned from the park for punching Mickey Mouse in the nuts.

Morse Meaning

Guests can hear a Morse code message being typed at New Orleans Station. It is actually Walt Disney's inaugural speech. "To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future..."

No Sad Kids

If any cast member sees an upset child, they can invoke the "No Sad Kids" rule. The rule allows the cast members to replace dropped ice cream or give out souvenirs for free to any sad children.

Nixon's Disney Connection

One of Nixon's most famous speeches is the one in which he asserts "I am not a crook." This speech was given at Disneyland.