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These Are The Most Idiotic Sports You Will Ever See


This is a sport on ESPN that features the exciting and competitive world of fishing
Between the weigh-ins to the exhilarating rush of sitting on a boat waiting for something to happen, it’s hard to believe this sport isn’t as popular as football or rugby
People have claimed they’ve turned off the television, gone out for lunch, come back and nothing has happened – almost makes you wish someone would throw a block of cheese down a hill to spice things up 

Chess Boxing

Exactly what it sounds like, a chess board is set up in the middle of a boxing ring and two players duke it out in 4 minute rounds
After those 4 minutes, they’re required to stand up and engage in a boxing match for 2 minutes – the winner is declared based on whether you’ve been knocked out or suffer a checkmate
The idea for this actually came from a graphic sci-fi novel from 1992 – because that’s where all good ideas come from 

 Ferret Legging

This is an endurance test in which you open your pants, drop a crazy ferret in there and see how long you can last
It’s been described as a dying and sometimes illegal sport, but even so there have been multiple events held in a variety of countries
The world record for this sport is just 5 hours and 30 minutes – but these days there’ s a lack of contestants, mostly from complaining wives


You grab a dude and start crunching the living shit out of his shins in order to force him to the ground – this “sport” is even described as a form of martial arts
In the old days, rumour has it contestants wore steel-toe boots to attack their opponent, with training consisting of beating in their shin with a hammer to build tolerance
It continues to this day and draws crowds in the thousands – a great way to spend your weekend if you like excruciating pain

 Pro Mini-Golf

The casual-friendly alternative to regular golf has now been given a competitive edge
Even though the thought of this relaxed chilled out version of golf with TV broadcasting, sponsorship deals and international championships seems silly – it’s actually quite popular
Some of the main issue is funding – such as with the British Minigolf Association, one of the few sports not recognised by Sport England and therefore not eligible for funding

 Bog Snorkelling

Wereldkampieonschappen Moeras snorkelen (Bog Snokling)
This is like regular swimming, only without traditional swimming techniques, only flippers in disgusting, stinky bog water
This sport started in 1976 when a guy was having an over-the-bar conversation with some sports enthusiasts and someone mentioned the brilliant idea of swimming in a bog for the amusement of a crowd
Bog Snorkelling continues to this day and they even have a junior competition for kids


This is a legitimate sport even televised, in which someone pushes a rock to move another rock while people sweep the ice beneath it with brooms – a mixture of lawn bowls and housework
If you haven’t had someone explains the rules, it may be the most ridiculous thing to watch as someone screams for people to clean the path in front of a rock while it skids around on ice
The amount of strategy that goes into this absurd game is high, and it’s even been likened to “chess on ice”


Mostly found in pubs and bars, to put dwarf into special padded clothing and fling him at a mattress or Velcro-covered wall
Rules depend on whether there’s a bullseye or if you just need to throw it farther than everyone else
Canada banned this sport in 2003, France allows it and it’s also banned in the U.S – and in Middle-Earth they generally don’t like getting tossed

 Cane Toad Racing

A poisonous Toad introduced to Australia in 1933 and have been decimating the ecosystem ever since – now in racing form
Some train them to hop faster than others, but most of the time you just show up at the bar and put down money on a random frog to win the race
Hilariously, some races actually raise money to help fund the wiping out of their species from areas of Australia – they’re racing to their deaths

 Sauna Championships

A Sauna in Munich
People sit inside a sauna and attempt to hold out the longest while the temperature slowly increases bit by bit – last man standing wins
This sport was invented by a bunch of drunk Finnish guys when their swimming hall kicked them out for spending too much time in the sauna
But even after it gained popularity, the man who died in 2010 from too-high temperature put a damper on competitions moving forward