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These Signs Prove That You Are Definitely Addicted To Coffee

1. You get lectured on how unhealthy caffeine is for you.

 Everybody lies. I’m not giving up anything unless there are cold, hard, FACTS.

2. You feel like you can do anything after you’ve had the right amount of caffeine.

 I can feel all the molecules in my body! I’m going to count them all!!

3. When someone asks if you’ve had coffee already:

 I could still go for a coffee run, though. Starbucks? Tim Horton’s? Let’s go.

4. You always having an energy drink ready within reach.


5. Tragedy is watered down iced coffee.

 I have failed you, my iced venti white mocha americano.

6. You sometimes underestimate your caffeine intake.

 I’m going to get so much work done! Anyone up for a run?! So! Much! Energy!!

7. Your worst nightmare: caffeine crash.

 Caffeine, how could you betray me?

8. You deny you have an addiction.

I can quit whenever I want, ok!?

9. At some point, someone has told you to “take it easy on the caffeine.”

 …No. In fact, when I die, bury me in a coffee plantation with a to-go cup in hand.

10. Your idea of heaven is coffee on tap.


11. Pre-caffeinated you is not very pleasant…

 Don’t talk to me unless you’ve come bearing gifts of caffeine.

12. But post-caffeinated you is a positive delight.

 Coffee! Red bull! I love you, my babies!