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These Tattoos Are Some Of The Best And Worst NFL Fan Tattoos

Baltimore Ravens Tattoo

This is simply one of the most beautifully inked tats I have ever seen for a sports team.
Looking for Ravens tattoos isn’t hard. Not when you have your own players getting tattoos to commemorate there last Super Bowl win. Jacoby Jones, Arthur Jones and Ray Rice all got tattoos commemorating Super Bowl XLVII where they simply kicked ass. It’s too bad Ray Rice couldn’t leave it on the field.

Cincinnati Bengals Tattoo

Hey it may not be the coolest but anyone that will invest their back to a team, gets my vote. Besides, the Bengals started the season off right. They beat up on Ray Rice’s team.

Cleveland Browns Tattoo

elf(?) pissing on their hated rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers Helmet and the Terrible Towel? Oh yeah, that’s hardcore man. Johnny Manziel Tattoos…oh I said that already.

Pittsburgh Steelers Tattoo

Steelers, And with great teams, 6 rings and counting, comes great tattoos.

the artwork from this guy is simply amazing and highly detailed. I just love black work and this guy is simply amazing. Yeah, I have a man crush on this dude. Go check out his work and like me, you’ll start booking a ticket to wherever he’s at to get some ink done.

Houston Texans Tattoo

his Texans tattoo is all sorts of bad-ass. I’m not even a Texans fan and I would get this tattoo.

Artist Cody Gibbs Main Line Ink Friendswood,Tx

Indianapolis Colts Tattoo

Artist:Larry Brogan from Lockport,Illinois

Jacksonville Jaguars Tattoo

OK, I was pretty sure no one would really want a Jags tattoo, since the team first came into the NFL. After all, they do have a cool name and there logo is pretty bad-ass too. Since they came in the fresh, new feeling now smells like stale beer. I mean, the team is and has been just horrible. While Jacksonville is a pretty cool town, the team just can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that…well that they’re a professional football team.
Jacksonville Jaguar Tattoo

Some Worst Tattooss

Inked Magazine says this is one of the worst NFL tattoos. I’m, not sure I would call it one of the worst, but it certainly isn’t in the upper echelon either. World of Warcraft anyone?

manning brother tattoos

cardinals fan tattoo

cowboys fan tattoo

tom brady butt tattoo