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Top 5 Mind Boggling Coincidences In History

The twin brothers, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer, were separated at birth, adopted by different
families. Unknown to each other, both families named the boys James. Both James grew up not
knowing of the other, yet both sought law-enforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical
drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda. Both had sons, one of whom
was named James Alan and the other named James Allan. The twin brothers also divorced their
wives and married other women ' both named Betty. And they both owned dogs which they
named Toy.

 Hugh Williams In 1660 when a ship sank off Dover the only
survivor was called Hugh Williams. In 1767 another ship sank in the same spot
and the sole survivor was called... Hugh Williams. In 1820 a ship capsized on the Thames and
the only man left alive was... Hugh Williams. And in 1940 a German mine blew up a ship leaving
two survivors 'a man and his nephew both called Hugh Williams.

 Mystery Monk In 19th century Austria, a near-famous painter
named Joseph Aigner attempted suicide on several occasions. During his first attempt to hang
himself at the age of 18, Aigner was interrupted by a mysterious monk. And again at age 22,
he was prevented from hanging himself by the very same monk. Eight years later, he was
sentenced to death for his political activities. But again, his life was saved by the intervention
of the same monk. At age 68, Joseph Aigner finally succeeded in suicide, using a pistol
to shoot himself. Not surprisingly, his funeral ceremony was conducted by the very same monk
' a man whose name Aiger never even knew.

The Royal Restauranteur In Monza, Italy, King Umberto I, went to a
small restaurant for dinner. When the owner took King Umberto's order, the King noticed
that he and the restaurant owner were virtual doubles, in face and in build. Both men began
discussing the striking resemblances between each other and found many more similarities.
Both men were born on the same day, of the same year, in the same town. Both men married
a woman with same name, Margherita. The restauranteur opened his restaurant on
the same day that King Umberto was crowned King of Italy. Later,in July 1900, King Umberto
was informed that the restauranteur had died that day in a mysterious shooting accident,
and as he expressed his regret, he was then assassinated by an anarchist.

Titan A luxury liner crosses the Atlantic and hits
an iceberg. There aren't enough lifeboats for everyone
on board and more than half the passengers and crew perish in the freezing water.
This is obviously the tragic story of the Titanic.
But it was also the plot of the novel Futility, published in 1898 14 years before the real-life
liner sank. In another bizarre twist, the fictional ship
was called Titan.