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Wedding Tattoos That Shows Commitment of Couples

1. You can’t go wrong with a classic Mr. and Mrs.

2. And swapping initials on your skin is super sweet.

3. They know to whom their hands in marriage belong.

4. Owl always love you.

5. Who needs real diamonds when you have body art bling?

6. These tats save the date forever on your skin.

7. Their love will last to infinity, just like their ink.

8. You can show your commitment with the perfect Pac-Man couple…

9. …or conquer the Seven Seas together.

10. There’s no denying they make the perfect hand.

11. You can’t forget your anniversary when it’s tatted on your fingers.

12. Nothing shows infinite love like some ink.

13. True love is the key to making a marriage last forever.

14. They didn’t have to take a gamble on their relationship.

15. It’s not hard to see they’re the perfect match.

16. These two are in it for the long haul.

17. These tats prove every king needs his queen.

18. ‘Til death do us (and our tats) part.

19. Trust and marriage go hand in hand.

20. They made the ultimate promise to each other.