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Bars With Interesting History Are The Coolest Things To Be Informed Of

Usually when you plan on an evening out it is to have a great time with not a care in the world. But once in a while you feel like touching a piece of history and to do this you can plan on going to one of the oldest bars in America. They are among the oldest and have some rather interesting history attached to them.
Fraunces Tavern NYC – Started in 1762, this bar which located at Broad and Pearl in Manhattan was a place that was used for meetings by the sons of liberty. The bar has seen many interesting and well known names through history including the Great George Washington himself. How do you feel about drinking in a place that reeks of history?
Fraunces Tavern NYC - Founded 1762
White Horse Tavern – Situated in Rhode Island this bar is even older having been started in 1673. Still going strong, in the present day this bar serves discerning diners with food and drinks. Having a night out here is like having bite of the 17th century right in the 21stcentury.
White Horse Tavern - Rhode Island - Founded 1673
Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop – This place started in 1775 and is based in New Orleans. It was supposed to be the base from which operations were carried out by a pirate, Jean Lafitte. He was also a much revered man during the New Orleans Battle.

Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop - New Orleans - Founded 1775
Bell in Hand Tavern – Based out of Boston and started in 1795, this bar claimed that the Town crier from the Revolutionary War spent his last days here. This bar was started by Jimmy Wilson, the town crier. This bar was opened since then, offering thirsty people a much needed drink. If you soak in the atmosphere, you can hear all of those cheers from the past.
Bell in Hand Tavern - Boston - Founded 1795
Old Ebbitt Grill – Based in Washington D.C. and started in 1856, this bar is the oldest in the city. Some of the historical names that this bar can boast of includes: Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses S. Grant, and Cleveland Harding, all of which were presidents of the USA. Just hop and skip away from where the White house is and this bar provides ordinary folks a chance to be in the same space as politicians.
Old Ebbitt Grill - Washington D
Jessop’s Tavern – Based in Delaware and started in 1724, this place has claims of being one of the oldest bars in US. The Bar offers various cuisines including English, Dutch, Old American and Swedish along with a hefty helping of History.
Jessop's Tavern - Delaware
Napoleon House – Based in New Orleans and started in 1797, this place has an amazing story behind it. In the early eighteenth century the mayor of New Orleans had given his home as sanctuary to Napoleon. When he never came to New Orleans the building was named as The Napoleon House. This place offers exquisite food based on European style of cooking, great music and cocktails like Pimm’s cup.
Napoleon House - New Orleans
City Tavern – Based in Philadelphia and started in 1773, this bar is a throwback from history which can claim to have been patronized by many people known in history. Notable among those are John Adams and Paul Revere. The place still serves Colonial inspired food and craft beers.
City Tavern - Philadelphia