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Different Stages Of Space Suits, Super Interesting Stuff For Space Geeks


Wiley Post Pressure Suit built by BF Goodrich in 1935. Wiley Post reach an altitude of 50,000 feet wearing this suit. It had an inner rubber bladder and rubberized outer layer. All modern pressure suits are based on the same principles as this design. 1935

XMC-2. 1955

XMC-2. 1957

MC-2. 1958

Neil Armstrong in his MC-2

Navy Mk IV spacesuit. 1961

Navy Mk IV when pressurized.

The Russian SK-1 or Skafandr Kosmicheskiy Spacesuit was designed specifically for Yuri Gagarin who piloted Vostok 1, becoming the first man in space. The SK-1 could be ejected from as high as 8km above sea level. 1961.

Neil Armstrong in a G2-C. 1964

Only 1 crew used the Berkut, the Russian crew of Voskhod 2. The suit was a modified SK-1 with 45 minutes of oxygen provided by the bulky backpack attached.

Gemini crew, Gus Grissom and John Young. wearing the G3-C suit. 1965

G4-C during the first space walk. 1965

G4-C slightly modified for added maneuverability. 1965

G5-C, designed to be removable in flight.  1965

A1C IVA suit, a G3-C suit modified for the Apollo 1 mission. 1967

A7L suit, which replaced the A1C IVA after the fire that killed the crew of Apollo 1. 1968

After going through a recoloring, Buzz Aldrin on the Lunar surface in his A7L. 1969

A7LB, which added extra joints for added maneuverability and a secret pouch in the neck to store energy bars. 1971

The Sokol-K was first used on the Soyuz 12. 1973.

Shuttle Ejection Escape Suit. It allowed for the safe ejection of pilots at speeds up to Mach 2.7 and a height of 80,000 feet. 1981

Before the Challenger disaster, Shuttle crews didn't wear pressurized suits. STS-26 crew wore the Launch Entry Suit, which was a partially pressurized suit.

32 - u5CIl5F

The Extravehicular Mobility Unit. 1981

36 - vkY1tO4

Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue or "SAFER". It attaches to the EVA suit to provide free floating mobility. 1994.

The Shenzhou 2 was used in China's first manned space mission in 2003.

The Orlan, first introduced to Cosmonauts in 1977 and were replaced by the Orlan-MK in 2009.

The Feitian Suit was used in the Chinese Shenzhou 7 mission in 2008. It was based off of the Russian Orlan design.

The Z-1 prototype suit. Nicknamed the Buzz Lightyear suit. Not in use.

40 - xs3VFEN

41 - sixGqyb

Z-2 prototype suit. Planned to be in use on the International Space Station by 2017.