Eye Opener Ads About Animal Abuse - Save Animal Save The World

1. Every second a species dies out.

2. Animals don’t belong to circus… they are not clowns.

3. If you don’t  pick up your trash – someone else will.

4. Every animal counts.

5. Say no to animal testing.

6. Bigger animals require a bigger space.

7. We can’t have back any rhino we’ve lost.

8. Stop animal abuse.

9. Give home to the one who needs it the most.

10. What if this would be yours?

11. Leopard needs it’s fur more than you  need a new jacket.

12. Stop making money with animals.

13. You see a dog. He sees home.

14. Evolution

15. Extinction can’t be fixed.

16. Animals are not souvenirs.

17. Same animal, different owner.

18. Desertification destroys 6000 species annually.

19. Ocean is someone’s home.