Hundreds Of People Viewed These Pictures Of flying Saucer On Social Media..Are They Coming

Andrew wasn't the only one who saw an unidentified craft on the expressway that night. These photos were posted on Twitter by another Houstonian just minutes after Andrew's video was captured.

Notice the perfect ring of the lights. What crafts do humans have that create a visual like that? Oh wait. None.

According to another perceptive Twitter user, the craft even appeared on Houston's east side.

I'm sure some people will find more than one logical (i.e., non-extraterrestrial) explanation for all this, and maybe these images aren't evidence of an alien invasion at all. The neat thing about the times we live in, though, is that whenever Earth experiences a close encounter of the third kind, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people around to document it from every angle. Hey, even selfies could help us fight against an alien invasion.