Perfectly Arranged Things That'll Satisfied Your Whole Existence

Do you separate your cereal by shape and color?

Color code your bottle caps?

Dissect your vintage typewriter?

Align your matchsticks by their burn degree?

Compile shavings of a single pencil by size and texture?

Deconstruct and align a camera by shape and size?

Maybe a camera is too small and you like to work with something larger, like a car?

Whatever the materials may be, there's something visually satisfying about seeing things arranged so neatly.

So, we get it.

Even though a bouquet of flowers is beautiful on its own, it still looks pretty good when taken apart and organized by shape, size, and color.

Even retro video game cartridges, controllers, and consoles look great when aligned just right.

Indiana designer Austin Radcliffe has been curating these images of visual order since 2010.

They are, if nothing else, a perfectionist's dream come true.