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Airport Hacks You Need To Know

1. Red eye


Red-eye flights are the smart way to travel because they are cheaper and being late at night, there isn’t that many people in the airport. So security checks will go fast and smoothly with no stress.


I bet nobody knows they can bring their own alcohol onto an airplane?  Yes you can! But it has to be in small bottles of no more than 100ml and they fit into a Ziploc bag with the dimensions of 20cm x 20cm.
3. Be Different


You can get through security check points quicker if you choose to go left, since most people are right handed, that is their sub-conscious decision to go right.
4. Empty Water Bottle


Everything in the airport is expensive, so to curb your thirst bring your own water bottle, this way you can fill it up with water at water fountains. Simple isn’t it?
5. Parking


A lot of people, including me always get lost trying to find my parking, so to save time just take a photo of the floor and section and you can find it super easily again.
6. Extra Clothes


A simple, possibly very warm trick is to wear extra clothes so that your baggage isn’t too heavy and you don’t have to pay extra weight costs.
7. Upgrades


Don’t ever be shy to ask for upgrades, the worst that can happen is there are none, but sometimes you will be surprised at the rewards if there are things to upgrade with.