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Momma Gorilla Looking So Sad After The Death Of Her Baby

About a week ago, a gorilla named Shira lost her new born infant. She seemed not be able to accept her loss and was seen pacing holding the baby and at some point shaking the corpse in the hopes to see some life.

At the age of about 10 years old, during that time she has lost two children that also died.

Last May she lost her son Tandu to a viral infection. He was six months old when he died. When she lost him, she also reacted with similar denial.

After a while Shira started to accept her terrible loss and allowed the body to be taken away by zookeepers. Prof. Manfred Niekisch said, “Then, like now, she hugged and cajoled him to wake up in vain. …” He said, “The bond between mothers and their babies is very tight.”

The little baby girl seemed quite healthy but she died so suddenly and out of the blue that it obviously put Shira into shock who refused to believe the baby was dead. She was even seen sleeping with the corpse at night on her lap.

Prof. Niekisch has said they it is now possible for them to perform an Autopsy on the dead infant since Shira has finally accepted her second child’s death and allowed staff to remove the corpse. Via dailymail