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Simple Facts That Will Melt Your Heart

1. Staring Deep into the Eyes of Another

Scientific Facts 1

It is scientifically proven that when people who are in love stare deeply into their lover’s eyes, their heart beats synchronize. That will also explain the feeling of your heart skipping a beat.
2. Twins

Scientific Facts 2

Twins have their own language to easily understand each other when no one else can.
3. Blankets

Scientific Facts 3

These adorable Red Pandas use their tails as a fluffy blanket to stay warm in the cold.
4. Nose Rubbing

Scientific Facts 4

Polar Bears rub noses with another bear’s nose as a sign to graciously ask for something.
5. Birthing

Scientific Facts 5

Giraffes try to find their own birth place, on the exact spot so they can give birth to their own baby.
6. Happiness

Scientific Facts 6

A Quokka is considered the happiest animal on the planet. They are too cute due to the fact they always seem to be smiling.
7. Ticklish

Scientific Facts 7

Rats and mice may seem scary, but they actually giggle when they get tickled.