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Trump Is Afraid of Stairs?

The bizarre reason Donald Trump held hands with Theresa May has been revealed – the new US president reportedly has a fear of stairs.
British Prime Minister Theresa May with U.S. President Donald Trump walk along The Colonnade at The White House
The pair were photographed while walking down a ramp outside the president's official residence in Washington DC.

He is said to be scared of germs – but his fear of stairs and ramps is even worse and it's known as 'bathmophobia'.
Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump holding hands as they walk along the White House Colonnade
A White House insider revealed: "He hates heights where you can see the ground or sharp inclines even more than germs.

"He particularly dislikes staircases and his biggest nightmare of all is a dirty stair rail."

Hours after being photographed outside the White House he hailed the "special relationship" between Britain and the United States as a beacon for "justice and peace".
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