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Why Is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

There’s a lot of superstition behind many of the traditions that come with the Spring Festival celebrations. One of the most popular is thoroughly cleaning the house before the New Year, as this is thought to sweep away all of the previous year’s bad luck. Cleaning on New Year’s Day itself will wash away the good luck of the New Year, however. That also means no washing your hair. Using knives or scissors will cut the luck away. Any talk of ghosts is forbidden, and since crying is considered unlucky, children go the day without being punished.Much of the food consumed during the celebrations also has meaning. One of the most popular foods, the meat-packed jiaozi dumplings, symbolize prosperity. They are often shaped like a crescent, as crescent ingots were used as currency in ancient China. Chickens are served whole to represent family unity, while the roundness of sweet puddings represents reunion.                                                                                                                                                                             3 of 10