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Why Is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

The Chinese Government
The people in charge of China have a rather strained relationship with the New Year. When the General Office of the State Council published the official holiday schedule for 2014, they missed Lunar New Year’s Eve altogether. It had been part of the calendar since 2007, because employers were letting workers have some or all of the day off anyway. By including it as part of the official vacation days, the country got back a day of productivity. Removing New Year’s Eve from the calendar wasn’t a popular move. A poll of 169,000 people found that 82.7 percent of the Chinese public were unhappy with the move. Many of them took to the Internet to express their frustration. One impressively passive-aggressive user suggested he would be visiting eight different government bureaus on the day, to make sure they were playing by their own rules. Another blogger brought up the law introduced earlier in 2013 that made it compulsory for people to visit elderly relatives, noting that the government wasn’t making it easy to comply.                                                                                                                                                                             4 of 10