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10 Ways Grey’s Anatomy Ruined Your Life


Katherine Heigl as Izzie on Greys Anatomy 12 Ways Greys Anatomy Ruined Your Life
The death of Denny wasn’t the only tragedy faced by Izzie throughout her almost six-year run on the show. In fact, seasons 5 & 6 were especially cruel to the character, and fans of the character.

She is diagnosed with brain cancer, loses her short-term memory, gets divorced from Karev (despite her attempts to reconcile), and even though she miraculously kept her job after the Denny incident, gets canned for making a mistake that really doesn’t seem as bad as intentionally cutting an LVAD wire, but what do we know.

Though she ultimately survived Seattle Grace, she, and her fans, were put through quite the wringer on her way out.                                                                                                                                                                             3 of 10