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10 Ways Grey’s Anatomy Ruined Your Life


Let’s go back to major character deaths for a moment, shall we? The Derek and Meredith soap opera came to an unceremonious close in Season 11 when, in the midst of an existential marital crisis, he gets into an accident and is delivered to a local hospital, practically comatose.

We say “practically,” because he is actually aware of what’s going on and just sort of observes helplessly as professional incompetence and cruel, random chance result in him being declared brain dead and taken off life support by Meredith (who, to add a pinch more tragedy, is pregnant with the couple’s third child).

Rumors suggest that Patrick Dempsey, who played Derek, had wanted out of the show for a while, and Rhimes later said that the only way to write him out while preserving his relationship with Meredith was to kill him. While that explains the rationale, it doesn’t quite amend the pure trauma felt by fans when the unthinkable played out over a long and tortured 42 minutes.                                                                                                                                                                             4 of 10