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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


Created in 1940 by Morton Weisinger and George Papp, Oliver Queen was first introduced into the DC Universe in issue #73 of More Fun Comics because publishers were nervous about relying too heavily on Batman and Superman in their comics. With Batman being such a successful and popular character, the publishers wanted a hero that was close enough to Batman in order to give the readers the same sense of adventure, but also giving the Dark Knight some time out of the spotlight.

Not only did the Green Arrow have a lot of the same tech as Batman, but his character traits mirrored those of Bruce Wayne during the 40s. Both had their alter-ego centric cars and devices that aided them in their crusades against crime-lords and drug dealers. As Batman grew to take on villains that were larger than life, Green Arrow has always focused more on the street-level crime-fighting of an everyday vigilante. It wasn’t until the ’60s that Green Arrow was able to come out from under the shadow of Batman and really begin to grow into his own character.
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