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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


Many people recognize Green Arrow for his signature use of the boxing-glove arrow. What many people don’t know is that, like Batman, Ollie actually has a plethora of different gadgets that he uses. Many are trick arrows, but he has had other gadgets as well. These allow him to get out of the many dangerous situations he and his Arrow-Family (which functions similar to the Batman Family) get into, as well as remind the audience that he is so much more than a man in a mask.

Some of my favorite trick arrows that Green Arrow has used throughout his career are the explosive, EMP, foam, bolo, and grappling arrows. There have been many other trick arrows, many of which are ridiculous, but the more effective ones are used much more often. Some other gadgets that Ollie has at his disposal are his Arrowcar and Arrowplane (which function exactly as they sound). These were obviously used and created in direct correlation to Batman, but did serve as useful tools for Ollie to traverse Star City with greater ease.
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