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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


During the first season of Arrow, many fans were angry that Oliver kept dropping bodies left and right. People who thought they knew a little about the character knew that he has had a similar moral code to Batman, in that he doesn’t kill. However, fans of the character with a bit more background know that there’s a bit more to Green Arrow. Ollie hasn’t killed a whole lot throughout his career, but being the hot-tempered, passionate man he is, Green Arrow has given in to the temptation before.

For instance, when the villain Prometheus murdered a lot of people in Star City with a malfunctioning teleportation scheme, which would have teleported the city to another world, Roy Harper’s (the current Red Arrow) daughter is murdered during the explosion. With Roy losing his arm and his daughter, Ollie tracked down Prometheus and shot an arrow in between his eyes, doing what he thought was just, considering the pain and suffering Prometheus had caused.
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