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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


As I mentioned before, Oliver is known for wearing his heart on his sleeve. We know exactly how he feels towards his children and his wards. There is no other hero in DC that is as devoted and loving towards family and friends. Oliver has always gone out of his way to give love to the ones closest to him. As we mentioned, he even crossed his “no killing” line just to avenge his adoptive granddaughter.

What stands out and makes him a great family man isn’t that he will kill for the ones he loves, but to just tell them. Green Arrow helped Roy Harper get off drugs, and tried very hard to convince him not to kill those involved in his daughter’s murder. Green Arrow has also expressed his love for Connor in public multiple times telling him he loved him.

Something that really sets him apart from other heroes is his opinion on young apprentices. For years, heroes took on young wards as their apprentices and took them out on deadly missions. Now, having learned and realized how insane this is, Oliver admits that it was irresponsible for he and others to do it. This also prompts him not to let Mia (a teenage runaway that he saved, and who became his sidekick Speedy in a previous iteration) become his protégé in the recent New 52 version of his character. His reasoning is that he doesn’t know what he would do if something were to happen to her.
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