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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


Green Arrow made the ultimate sacrifice to save Metropolis during the events of the 1994 miniseries Zero Hour, and became a martyr. In order to carry on his father’s legacy and continue protecting the every-man, Connor Hawke took on the mantle of the Green Arrow. Although his time was short lived (thanks to Hal Jordan’s Spectre resurrecting Ollie), Connor left his mark on the Green Arrow persona.

What made Connor memorable as Green Arrow was the difference in attitude between him and his father. While Ollie is known for being very emotional and wearing his heart on his sleeve, Connor is much more calculated. Even stranger, Connor’s Green Arrow takes on villains that are very different than the ones we’d seen his father face. Connor faced spirits and cults. Overall, he had many more encounters with the mystical side of the world than his father ever did. Even though it was a pretty stark contrast to villains we had previously seen, it helped Connor become his own man and set his version of Green Arrow apart from Oliver’s.
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