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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


In most incarnations, Ollie has always wanted to be a member of the Justice League. He’s been a member since the 60s and has always rejoined after the universes were reset. However, the Green Arrow that many of the younger generation remember growing up with was the Ollie in the Justice League: Unlimited show. This Oliver was very reluctant to join the team and didn’t believe that the league was the right place for him. Oliver felt like the League’s involvement in world threatening conflicts made them overlook the everyday victims of street level crime.

Many in the league tried to convince him to join the League and to use his convictions to remind the other heroes of what really mattered. Ollie eventually joined the team and became Batman’s most trusted member of the League. Batman wanted Green Arrow to be the team’s conscience and Ollie subsequently prevented events that would have let the league become like the Justice Lords, the League’s draconian, anti-democratic counterpart in a dystopian alternate universe. This reluctance was a great shake-up to Oliver’s character from the comics, but was understandable when you consider that he has always been concerned with protecting the little guy.
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