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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


One of the recurring aspects of every Green Arrow, in both comics and television, is his leftist belief system. Oliver has always acted in such a way that aligns with his views and has done a lot to speak his mind on issues the DC universe has faced. In order to contrast the more conservative heroes (Batman especially), DC wanted Green Arrow to act as the philosophical, anti-establishment hero that would regularly linger on the larger issues at hand than just stopping a crime. Green Arrow often asks why a certain crime or issue was happening and try to focus on fixing the structural problems that cause it.

This part of his character was a great way for him and his alter ego to work in conjunction with one another as well. Moreso than Batman, Green Arrow and Oliver Queen would voice their views and use vigilante justice to fix what they thought was broken in the world. For instance, when Green Arrow teamed up with Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, they toured the country fighting crime together, but each had hugely different points of views of their roles. The comic highlighted Oliver’s anti-establishment and hands-on approach to justice by juxtaposing his views against Hal’s government-based, conservative views. In more recent iterations, Green Arrow’s Oliver Queen has actually become a full on activist.
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