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Facts You Need To Know About Green Arrow


Ollie was originally a socialite, who was changed after being stranded on a remote island and tortured. This motivated him to become a vigilante when he returned to Star City. The Outsiders War is a widely popular Green Arrow storyline that further elaborates on this origin story. Ollie is brought back to the island he was originally stranded on, where he finds shelter in the cabin he was tortured in. While taking refuge there, Green Arrow comes across the man who tortured him all those years ago, only to discover it was Robert Queen under the mask the entire time.

Robert had planned these events in order to lead Ollie to becoming the Green Arrow. Robert even fought Ollie and tried to kill him in order to ensure Ollie’s training was sufficient. All of this was done so that once Oliver was ready, Robert could lead him back to the island to claim the Arrow totem. With the totem, Oliver could finally claim his birthright as the leader of the “Arrow Clan” and become the leader of the Outsiders, a secret crime-fighting society.

This was a shakeup to the Green Arrow’s existing origin stories, but it created a great alternative. Despite this being a newer origin, some have speculated that this could be something that might be incorporated in the Arrow television show, as the logo for the show is very reminiscent of the arrow clan totem.
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