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‘HTGAWM’ Moments That Were Completely & Ridiculously Unrealistic

Annalise's court etiquette is often out of line

Look, those court scenes on How to Get Away With Murder might be jaw-dropping and suspenseful, but real open court does not work like it does on the show. First of all, it seems like Annalise is constantly communicating with her associates when she's questioning witnesses, which is something that no judge would allow without at least saying something — it's disrespectful, and looks unprofessional. Secondly, she seems to have no problem introducing new evidence if it's presented to her mid-trial, despite the fact that proper court procedure states that it must first be processed to be included in a trial.

Perhaps the worst offender of all, however, is the moment during episode 8 when Annalise actually introduced new charges to a trial while questioning a witness...and those charges were directed toward the witness, not the person who was actually being tried for a crime. All my years of watching Law & Order: SVU has taught me that the DA would at least try to object to that — Annalise wasn't questioning her witness, she was accusing her witness in a trial that had nothing to do with them — yet, in How to Get Away With Murder, the DA didn't so much as make a peep. I know it helps the story if Annalise always wins, but it's just not realistic.
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