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Most Influential Black American Leaders of All Time

WEB DuBois

Perhaps the nation’s most well-known black intellectual, W.E.B. Du Bois’s impact was felt on all fronts. Early work such as his doctoral thesis The Suppression of the African Slave Trade in America, The Philadelphia Negro and Black Reconstruction set a standard for African-American scholarship.

His role in the Niagara Movement, public leadership as the editor of the NAACP’s Crisis, early advocacy of integration and African-American political activism, not to mention challenges to Booker T. Washington’s accommodationism, framed the African-American agenda for much of the 20th century. His exposition on the “double consciousness” African-Americans experienced in the U.S. in his classic tome, The Souls of Black Folk, published in 1903, resonated with millions. A citizen of the world, Du Bois was a Pan Africanist who saw the problems of Africa’s children beyond the U.S. His legacy as a professor, political activist, prolific scholar and utmost public intellectual remains unparalleled.
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