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Most Influential Black American Leaders of All Time

Rosa Parks

Perhaps the most famous woman of the modern Civil Rights era, Rosa Parks possessed a quiet courage that literally re-energized the struggle. Refusing to give up her bus seat on December 1, 1955 to accommodate a white passenger, Parks was arrested and booked. A model citizen, as well as a card-carrying member of the NAACP who even served as secretary to the Montgomery chapter, Parks helped inspire her fellow citizens to boycott the city’s buses, making the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which introduced the world to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and ended segregation on public transportation, a pivotal chapter in the modern-era struggle for freedom and equality.

After relocating to Detroit, Parks worked for Congressman John Conyers for many years as well as supported Planned Parenthood. Before her death in 2005, she co-founded the Rosa L. Parks Scholarship Foundation and the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development aimed at helping young people.
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