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Most Shocking Deaths In The Walking Dead History

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While I was never particularly a big fan of Lori over the years, it’s undeniable that she remains one of The Walking Dead’s most important characters, as her death still weighs heavily on Rick and Carl, as well as Baby Judith, who just doesn’t know it yet. No one expected a pregnant Lori to die, and I can’t imagine that many people assumed that she would die right after having the baby. But it was Judith’s birth that sealed Lori’s fate, as the emergency amateur C-section caused Lori to bleed too much to be saved. But it was her death by Carl and his gun that was the biggest shock of this situation, as a boy should never be made to kill his own mother, much less volunteer to do it. Her death was such a blow that she remained stuck inside Rick’s head (and telephones) for several episodes after.
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