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Most Shocking Deaths In The Walking Dead History

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Oh, this Greene family. A character on the show for four seasons before reaching her end, Beth had a late-days storyline that sort of resembled the Sophia narrative, in which she went missing for several episodes, and Daryl and Carol spent the most time looking for her. But instead of just being a zombie, Beth was in the middle of a new location: a hospital run by Dawn, a cop without a real clue of how to handle the post-apocalypse. Considering how much character build-up Beth got before going missing – I think there are still people out there who begrudge the show for not having her and Daryl hook up at least a dozen times – she was assumedly destined for better days ahead. It wasn’t even obvious that Beth was going to die until the very second the front of her face went through the back of her head, thus making this the most shocking death in the series so far.
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