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Most Shocking Deaths In The Walking Dead History

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Hershel went from being a stodgy farm owner to one of the show’s best characters in just a season or so, as his depression from seeing members of his family die – coupled with other hardships both physical and emotional – hardened into a dry sense of humor and an understandably wavering sense of morals. Though he started out as a combatant against Rick’s ways of the world, he soon becomes Rick’s right-hand (or leg) man, and he would have been a welcome presence for years to come. And even when it looked like both he and Michonne were doomed victims of The Governor, it seemed possible that Rick or Daryl or someone would put bullets into that evil bastard’s head before he could do any mortal damage. And then came that sickening thwack as the sword cut into Hershel’s neck, and his soon-disembodied zombie head proved once again that major characters are never safe.
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