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Most Shocking Deaths In The Walking Dead History

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Let’s be honest: nobody really gave a crap about Lizzie as a character. There was sympathy for her and sister Mika, as they were orphans living with a bunch of strangers, but she wasn’t about to become Carol 2.0 or anything. She was interesting in that she looked at the walkers somewhat sympathetically and rather unlike anyone else did, which led to her stabbing Mika to death, an act that was mind-bogglingly fucked up on its own. When this was discovered, there was no trial by a jury of Lizzie’s peers to see how she should be handled. Carol takes it upon herself to play executioner and puts a surprising end to Lizzie after uttering the now iconic words, “Just look at the flowers.” It was something of a turning point for the show, and one that it could never step back from.
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