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Places That Have Banned Justin Bieber

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving

This is a bummer, because indoor skydiving looks like a lot of fun. Too bad Justin Bieber won’t be able to hit up Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving anymore. So, what did the wild child pop star do? In 2013, Justin earned himself a spot on the company’s “No-Fly” list, a lifetime ban. The reasons were many: Justin arrived at the Las Vegas spot just minutes before official closing time. He convinced the employees to let them fly, but then they were being really rude and discourteous the whole time. They were dirtying up the bathroom for kicks and blatantly ignoring the staff members. When it was time to fly, Justin was offered a no-payment discount if he took a selfie while flying so he could promote Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving on Instagram. The singer agreed, but he never followed through with the selfie. Nor did he pay the $1,600 fee to fly.                                                                                                                                                                             1 of 15